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New and Featured Products

Our company represents the very best manufacturers in the metalworking industry. These products save you time and money, making your business leaner and more efficient. Whether you need a dot marking tool such as our one-of-a-kind TapWriter or a high-performance drill like our Center Drill, we have a wide range of powerful products to help you get the job done.


Black Guard

New Products

Prepare to be amazed by the amount of time you'll save using Tapmatic's product line rather than traditional rigid taping systems. Tapmatic's software and machining systems are guaranteed to make your machining processes more efficient. Don't believe us? Try the Tapmatic Calculator.
We also feature the new ThunderBolt™ line of ultra-thin, nano-diamond tools. These products come with a real diamond coating that is the thickness of most PVD coatings, and give unmatched performance when it comes to finishing graphite.
Don't forget to check out our selection of Vermonth Gage™ Black Guard series. These tools undergo a full oxide treatment that prevents corrosion and shows wear and tear, which allows machinists to calibrate or replace gage pins for effectively.

The Tapmatic TapWriter

Tapmatic is pleased to introduce an exciting new product. The TapWriter allows you to mark your workpiece while you are machining it, without the need for a secondary marking operation. Part numbers, serial numbers, date codes, and even logos can easily be created with this unique dot-marking tool.

Powerful Simplicity

  • Installs Easily on Machining Centers or CNC Lathes with Live Tooling
  • Utilizes Standard Engraving Software, but Unlike Engraving, Dot-Peen Marking Does Not Require the Use of Delicate Cutting Tools and High Speed Spindles
  • Marks Soft Plastics or Steel as Hard as 55 RC

Precision and Speed

The durable carbide stylus is thrown against the workpiece, which allows the marking of uneven or round surfaces. The TapWriter is fast; up to 80 characters or more, just depending on the capabilities of your machine. With the TapWriter you have complete control of the mark. The revolutions per minute determine the number of dots per minute, and the velocity of the carbide stylus when it impacts the workpiece. The feed rate controls the distance between dots, allowing you to select the appearance of discrete dots or a continuous line.

Noteworthy Features

• Is Faster Than Engraving
• Eliminates Extra Operations
• Marking Time is 9 Seconds On a 1995 VMC 40 Machine

• Marks Logos Using Standard Cad/Cam Software for the Tool Path
• Simple to Install and Program
• Marks Hard or Soft Materials

• Marks Round or Uneven Surfaces
• Has Long Tool Life with Replaceable Carbide Stylus

TapWriter Accessories

The TapWriter adapts to a machining center with a locking stop arm similar to those used with self-reversing tapping attachments. Order TapWriter, Stop Arm, and accessories separately. Please note, Tapmatic can supply a TapWriter ready to fit your specific machine.