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Tapmatic Calculator

 Tapmatic products are designed with the experienced machinist in mind, and streamlined to save you cycle time, increase tool life and generate an overall cost reduction.

Our company supports advances in precision machining and machine tool technology, especially when they help fellow metalworkers conduct their business more efficiently. That's why we're giving you the opportunity to test out the Tapmatic Calculator; so you can see the difference it makes in your cycle time.

Benefits of the Tapmatic Calculator

• Calculates Taping Feed (IPM) From Tap Pitch (Threads Per Inch)
• Calculates RPM From Surface Feet Per Minute
• Determines Time Saved Using Tapmatic Versus Rigid Taping
• Determines RPM and Inch Per Minute for Metric Tapes

Tapmatic Calculator Information

• You Must Have Microsoft Excel™ Installed to Run This Calculator
• If You See a "File Download" Window Open; "Do You Want to Save This File?" Click "Open"
• If a "Network Password" Window Opens, Click "Cancel"; No Username or Password is Necessary